5 Popular Places to Visit in Rwanda

Musanze Caves

The first worry of thousand Travelers to different parts of the world is Food but Rwanda has nice delicious food designed to suite all tastes of visitors from different corners of the world accompanied by the rich culture, incredible view, beautiful beaches, natural forests, islands, hills, wildlife, chimpanzees, and the mountain Gorillas which make Rwanda possibly the world’s most bucket-listed destination in Africa. Besides the country’s conducive political environment make guests to feel at home and even stay much longer than expected. Is Rwanda your next travel Destination in Africa. Are you still wondering on  what to do during your Rwanda Safari ? .Just Visit a few cities with the best countries tourist attractions bellow and you will never regret why you made it to Africa and particularly in Rwanda.


Many Travelers to Rwanda make stops in Ruhengeri city a capital of Musanze district containing the largest part of the Volcanoes National Park, and its head office at Kinigi. Five of the eight volcanoes of the Virunga chain Karisimbi, Bisoke, Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura. Lately people call it Musanze a new name got from the main district .No visitor can miss out this city if heading to the outstanding Volcanoes National Park one of the best travel destinations in East Africa to track the mountain gorilla. Many Dine and spend nights here since its located close to the Gorilla park headquarters in Kinigi. However, it’s also more convenient for Gorilla tracking Visitors to be at the park gorilla start point in time compared to those who spend the previous night in Kigali. Not only a start point for Gorilla tracking, golden monkey trek, Dainy Fossey visit but the city has other tourist attractions which keep guest busy as they explore the misname district. The huge cave, Lake Burera and Ruhundo, cultural village are one of them.

The Huge Musanze Cave

The cave is a result of two different lava flows which joined to create the Albertine Rift valley and its sited two kilometers from Ruhengeri on the road to Gisenyi though you can also visit it when you coming from kinigi.Besides a great place to Visit after Gorilla tracking but requires to book a ticket in advance since its hard for a guest to drive all the way past kinigi to RDB to buy a ticket and park to the cave. The cave price is another problem for many especially those travelling on a tight budget leaving the cave undiscovered though changes in price are expected soon from the management.

Lakes Ruhondo & Burera

These two lakes are always next on the visitor’s itineraries who visit ruhengeri area for Gorilla trekking. Fishing & birding are one of the main activities done by the people living near and around the lakes so visitors benefit from rides on the lake by visiting islands for picnic lunch as well as discovering nature in traditional canoes, breathtaking landscape, wetlands, and birds.etc.The visit to the lakes are open so you can easily do it yourself adventure here, especially if you have your own transport and are able to arrange fishing trip with the locals to the lake.

Nkotsi Cultural village

This organized village is sited 7km southwest of musanze full of amazing cultural activities for every one like Bee keeping, village walks, and basket weaving, local beer making & if you a fan of traditional herbs it’s a place to be among others. Some activities are free of charge and some range between $10-$30.Never mind about where to sleep because it’s a base for the Red Rocks camping and hostel which is through charity organization for local farmers,children,water resources etc.

Gisenyi City

Best spot for honeymoons & beach holidays in Rwanda and also a next adventure destination for many after Gorilla tracking in Volcanoes national park.Gesenyi has several resorts, hotels, sandy beaches on the shores of Lake Kivu plus Rwanda’s largest lake which makes it more famous for water sports. Drinks in this city never run out of options since no bar, restaurant or hotel can dry up when the supplier is just within the locality. Drinks include Beers (Primus, Mützig, Amstel and Guinness), & Coca-Cola the most branded soft drink in the area. The city develops every day compared to its neighbors like Goma with a lot to offer to its guests. Be part of the leisure beach activities on Lake Kivu sun bathing, boat ride, fishing, and swimming and never forget to join others for a fantastic local meal at the Napoleon Island.

You can also visit the local community hot spring at Rubona, which cures variety of diseases, boils potatoes like the sempaya hot spring in Uganda which boils eggs. Get details from the locals or your travel expert if you wish to add it on the things you got to do around Gisenyi.

Kigali City Rwanda’s Capital

This is the entrance to Rwanda & the biggest business centre of the country indeed the capital not only by location but also by its appearance in the level of development. Many Rwanda tours and trips start and end in Kigali city since its where the international airport is found. Still the Kigali City Tour offers one a deep view of Kigali’s past and present assuring that one feels the real Africa city adventures at first hand.

The trip starts with a visit to first modern building from which the capital city was first founded (Natural History Museum in honor of Dr. Kant’s work) , through the older commercial business quarters, residential areas, the genocide museum(Kigali genocide memorial centre), the growing markets to explore the Art and crafts of the people of Rwanda ending with the   Coffee shops, bars and restaurants ranging from Chinese,   Italian, North African, East African, Thai and Greek cuisine for a bite or drink. Kigali the friendliest, cleanest and safest city in East Africa has superb night life & attracts many as tourists, volunteers and investors if this is what you have always wanted the door is open for you to join others.

Nyanza the place of Traditional treasures

If you love culture and the people of Rwanda this is the best place for your adventure. Its only here where you can find the great Rwanda kings palace & museum .A lot can be seen and felt about the countries royalty as you view the Royal palace plus all the kingship details of the Rwanda people including the long horned cows of Invambo.Come to Rwanda and see for yourself than just being told. You can also chose to visit other cities in the country like Kibuye, Changugu, Gitarama, kibeho, Byumba, Kibungo among others. If you are traveling to Rwanda on a small budget for food & adventure, then stay in Rwanda budget lodges/hotels and also eat fair priced food through your stay.

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