Things To Do On a Safari To Rwanda

Rwanda Safari Adventure

Situated in East Africa, Rwanda otherwise called “the place that is known for thousand slopes” is one of the main tourism destinations in Africa. The rare adventure one enjoys while on a visit to this country is extra ordinary. Today as you read this, this little nation is the best place for nature lovers and it has turned out as the most loved by most tourists. Numerous vacationers think that it’s more advantageous and less exorbitant to go to this country given the way that the experience ensured is justified regardless of the cost. A portion of the fascinating tourism exercises one can appreciate while in Rwanda include;-

Gorilla trekking Tour

This is fundamentally the main tourism action in the nation. As per the latest research, Rwanda offers the best and less tedious gorilla trekking experience compared to the different countries where these primates are found. A trek through Volcanoes National Park where mountain gorillas are habituated is an exciting experience as one is taken nearer to nature and presented to various natural wonders. More than 300 mountain gorillas are assessed to be in Volcanoes National Park and this promises a tourist an opportunity to see the primates in their normal natural homes. One thing a guest ought to have as a top priority while making arrangements for a gorilla trek to Rwanda is that he/she is required to acquire a gorilla tracking permit which guarantees him/her to view the primates. This permit costs USD750 and it’s issued by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Chimpanzee tracking

This is another wonderful activity one can appreciate while in this East African country. Chimpanzees in Rwanda are found in Nyungwe National Park and they are very much habituated making it less demanding for travelers to view them. A few trekkers favor arranging a combined safari which incorporates both gorilla and chimp trekking. Spending some time with man’s closest mammal is a dream comes true especially in the tropical rain forest where the chimps live.

Dian Fossey Grave Hike

You may have heard or read about the popular late primatologist called Dian Fossey who was murdered in the forests of Volcanoes National Park. She was a gorilla lover who battled against poaching and murdering the primates in Rwanda. She died on her obligation of protecting the gorillas from being slaughtered by poachers and she was buried in Volcanoes National Park. Today, her grave has turned out as one of the main attractions in the country and numerous individuals particularly primate lovers trek to this grave which are amidst two different graves of her most adored gorillas which were also killed by poachers. A joined gorilla and Dian Fossey grave hike safari is a wonderful excursion which gives a guest more learning about the fallen legend.

Kigali City Tour

A city visit through Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city is another adventurous activity which is adored by generally travelers live look at some of the old-fashioned buildings built in the early days and also stand a chance of meeting and interacting with the local people.

Other fascinating tourism activities one can appreciate in Rwanda include;- Golden Monkey tracking, bird watching, cultural walks and mountain climbing.

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