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Accommodations in Rwanda

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Akagera National Park:


Akagera Game Lodge

Partners in Health Hospital Conference Center (groups only)
00250 (0)788304234




Petit Prince Hotel
00250(0)788301159 or 250 531337 or

Gazelle Chinese Restaurant & Guest House

Hotel Ibis
00250 530335/ 532160/530335 or

Hotel Faucon
00250 532061

Hotel Credo
00250(0)530855 or

Shalom House
8 Double and single bedrooms
Lounge and dining room
Spotlessly clean rooms.
Near university.
Contact rutayisireandrew@gmail.com



Episcopal Church Peace Guest House

Emeraude Kivu Resort

Peace Guesthouse
e-mail: info@peaceguesthouse.org
Telephone: (250) 252537799
(manager) (250) 788522727

Kibuye is a city in Karongi district, and the capital of Western Province in Rwanda. The city lies on the eastern shore of Lake Kivu, about halfway down, and between Rubavu and Cyangugu. It is known as a beach resort and is home to a genocide memorial.


Moriah Hill Resort

Bethanie Presbyterian Spiritual Center
00250 0568235/(0)788620853

Golf Eden Rock Hotel
00250 568524



Kigali, population 965,398 (2009), is the capital and largest city of Rwanda. It is situated near the geographic centre of the nation, and has been the economic, cultural, and transport hub of Rwanda since it became capital at independence in 1962. The main residence and offices of the President of Rwanda are located in the city, as are the government ministries. The city is coterminous with the province of Kigali City, which was enlarged in January 2006 as part of local government reorganisation in the country. The city’s urban area covers about 70% of the municipal boundaries.
Public transport within Kigali is exclusively by taxi minibus (matatu), with a number of different routes, connecting the main hubs of Mu (Mujyi) (the city centre), Nyabugogo, Kacyiru, Kimironko and Remera. Similar to the national taxi minibuses, these services wait to fill up before setting off from the terminus, then pick up and drop off frequently en route. Most routes within the city operate on a flat fare of 180 FRW (about US $0.30).

The city now has four international class hotels, built as part of the country’s bid to increase tourism and better support business travellers:

  • The Mille Collines in the Kiyovu area. This hotel became a refugee centre during the genocide, as famously depicted in the film Hotel Rwanda (although the hotel shown in the film is in fact in South Africa). It is also the setting for the famous novel Un dimanche à la piscine à Kigali, by Quebecer Gil Courtemanche, and its movie adaptation Un dimanche à Kigali.
  • The Top Tower Hotel Kigali located in the Kacyiru area. Built in 2008, the hotel is known for its Crystal View Lounge Bar on the 8th floor which offers an open full wall windows with panoramic views over Kigali.
  • The Novotel Umubano in the Kacyiru area. This was formerly a Le Meridien hotel, then known as Le Meridien Umubano. It was bought by Novotel after the genocide.
  • The Kigali Serena Hotel, formerly known as the InterContinental Kigali. Formerly a Belgian-owned hotel known as the Diplomates, the hotel was briefly portrayed in the second half of Hotel Rwanda. It was later bought by the InterContinental Hotels group and remodeled in 2003.

Kigali houses several memorials, museums, and centers dedicated to the Rwandan Genocide, including the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre.



Kigali Town:

RR Relax Resort

Serena Hotel

Hotel des Mille Collines

Hotel Gorillas
00250 (0)788300473/501717/8 or

Stipp Hotel

Impala Hotel
00250 570180 or (0)788300322

Magnolia Bed & Breakfast
00250(0)788599541/(0)788546551 or

Hotel Le Garni du Centre
00250 (0)78830-7080 / 572654 / 571274 or

Iris Guest House
00250 501172 / 501181 or

Presbyterian Guest House
00250 578915

St. Etienne Anglican Guest House
00250 (0)788551917

Okapi Hotel & Vehicle Rental
00250 571667 / 570449/50 / (0)788745389 or
okapi@hotmail.com, free airport transfers.

Kigali Suburbs:


Novotel Umubano

Top Tower Hotel

Scripture Union Guest House
00250)84328 / 582718 / (0)8523396

Ninzi Hill Hotel
00250 587711-4 or

Solace Guest House
00250 (0)788452005 or 55101613  or

Petit Prince “Orange Court” Hotel
00250 580181 or (0)788358291 or


Hellenique Greek Restaurant & Guest House
00250 (0)788512342 / 583731


Alpha Palace Hotel
00250(0)788300602 / 582981 or
alpha1@rwanda1.com  / info@chezlando.com / chezlando@hotmail.com.

Chez Lando Hotel

Africa New Life Ministries Guest House
00250(0)788668515 or 250(0)788577985

Nyarutarama (including Kabuga):

Aberdeen House – Hotel

Golf Hills Residence

Royale Villas


Banana quest hotel
Rue de Parc 4
Kiyovu Rwanda
Tel    +   250 (0)252500154
Mob  +   250(0)783391184
Manager Jamie at 0783391165 or
email bananaguesthouse@yahoo.com

Kanombe (Airport):

La Palisse Hotel
00250 583479, (0)788305505 or
pool, wireless internet – Outside Kigali:



Rubavu is a city in Rubavu district in the Western Province of Rwanda. Rubavu is contiguous with Goma, the city across the border in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The population of the city is about 106 000 (2009).
The city features a resort on the shores of Lake Kivu, with several hotels and three sandy beaches. The area is also known for water sports. The northern shore of the lake on which Goma and Rubavu lie is a flat plain featuring lava formations from the eruptions of nearby Mount Nyiragongo. In contrast to Goma, Rubavu escaped the lava flows of both the 1977 and the 2002 eruptions which destroyed between 15 and 40% of the former. The centre of Rubavu lies at the foot of hills in the north-east corner of the lake, and low-density expansion is taking place in the hills which should be safe from any future eruptions.
Rubavu is also home to Bralirwa, the only brewery in Rwanda, which manufactures various local beers Primus and Mützig, as well as Amstel, Guinness and a range of Coca Cola brand soft drinks.


Kivu Sun Serena Hotel

Stipp Hotel

Lakeview Apartments & Hotel


Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park is a national park in southwestern Rwanda, located south of Lake Kivu on the border with Burundi. The park was established in 2004 and covers an area of approximately 970 km² of rainforest, bamboo, grassland, swamps, and bogs. The nearest town is Cyangugu, 54 km to the west. Mount Bigugu is located within the park borders. The park is the location of the most distant source of the Nile.
Nyungwe has a wide diversity of animal species, making it a priority for conservation in Africa. The forest is situated in a region where several large-scale biogeographical zones meet and the variety of terrestrial biomes provide a great span of microhabitats for many different species of plants and animals.
The park contains 13 different primate species (25% of Africa’s total), 275 bird species, 1068 plant species, 85 mammal species, 32 amphibian and 38 reptile species. Many of these animals are restricted ranged species that are only found in the Albertine Rift ecoregion in Africa. In fact, the number of endemic species found here is greater than in any other forest in the Albertine Rift that has been surveyed.


Nyungwe Forest Lodge

ORTPN Reception Center Lodge

Gisakura Tea Estate Guest House
00250(0)78489251 or (0)5126462



Rubavu is a district (akarere) in Western Province, Rwanda. Its capital is Rubavu, Rwanda’s biggest beach resort and border city. The district lies on the shores of Lake Kivu, around the city of Rubavu, and just across the border from the Congolese city of Goma. It is also close to Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano.
Rubavu district is divided into 12 sectors (imirenge): Bugeshi, Busasamana, Cyanzarwe, Rubavu, Kanama, Kanzenze, Mudende, Nyakiliba, Nyamyumba, Nyundo, Rubavu and Rugerero.


Yvke Beach


Musanze – (Ruhengeri)

Musanze, former Ruhengeri (near Volcanos National Park) is the former name of a city and capital of Musanze District in the Northern Province of Rwanda. Some sources now refer to the city itself as Musanze, after the district in which it lies. It lies near the twin lakes of Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo and is the gateway city to Volcanoes National Park and the famous Mountain Gorillas in the northwestern part of the country.


Home Inn

Muhabura Hotel

La Palme Hotel
00250 546428/9 / (0)788842150 or
palmehotel02@yahoo.fr / niyopaulo@yahoo.fr

Ishema Hotel (Anglican Diocese)
00250-546-556 / 857 / (0)788558501 / (0)783694311 or

Kinigi Guest House (at the base of the Volcano park

Sabyinyo Silverback Eco-lodge (at the base of the Volcano park)

Gorillas Nest Lodge & Golf Resort (at the base of the Volcano park)

Sowarthe Tea Plantation (off the road to Ruhengeri)

Virunga Hotel