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Rising From Ashes (Part 2)

Salha Kaitesi
Salha Kaitesi
Mother, Daughter of Rwanda| Founder of Beauty of Rwanda, Executive Editor of Teakisi, Owner of sTesi| I am a Gender Equality and Empowerment Champion| None Of Us Can Move Forward If Half Of Us Are Left Behind.

Nice read. And the writers need to build solidarity in a broken society can be felt. And the references…lend a needed authority to this touchy subject. I wish it was longer though… I had just warmed up.. .

Part three should be up in a week or more.

Its short coz i want you to come back for more .. lol .. but on a serious note, you are not the only one who thinks it should have been longer .. will make sure part three is and thank you for reading Minge 🙂

What an insight. quite captivating of the geopolitics of the Rwandan nation.

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