Unisex Patriotic Charm

Unisex Patriotic Charm

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Get yourself one of our flag themed unisex bracelets! Flag Themed Jewellery are very fashionable and are increasingly gaining popularity especially due to the patriotic aspect they portray.

These products are bespoke handmade, and not mass produced. Plus no one item is similar to another due to the hand technique of the artisan. The sealing of the threads is done by burning of the threads in order to hold the bracelet in place. Due to this process, dark marks may appear on the inside.



40 in stock

One size fits most.

Colour scheme: Blue background, yellow letters and, green/yellow sides.


The product will be shipped to you from Newcastle, United Kingdom.

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5 reviews for Unisex Patriotic Charm

Bought these for my two children and they love them. We look forward to visiting Rwanda again in the future. Gave it five stars!

I want a bracelet like Li Yuchun’s.It’s so beautiful.

Should be restocking as soon as we have more of them.

(verified owner)


I now have same LiYuchun bracelet!! 谢谢你啊

Is it possible to book now? Send express to China?

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Francoise Nyirahabimana
Weaver (front row, Green T-shirt)

In the past, I would depend on my husband for food and other items in the house. Now I don’t do that anymore. I had no shoes and suffered from jiggers, but that’s now all in the past. I used to sleep in a nyakatsi (thatched house), but that is in the past. I used to sleep on amashara (dried banana leaves), now I sleep on a mattress. I didn’t look good, but now I do. This means  that, if we got more people buying our products we can look even better.

Marcelina Mukamana
Weaver (in pink top)

I moved to the area, and didn’t know how to weave. So I joined the group and learnt to weave. Once I started earning money, I bought a pig. Thanks to the income from weaving, I now has two pigs, a cow, a goat and chickens. 

Godeliva Mukanyandwi

I joined this weaving group because I was unable to buys school books, and pens. Or 100 Rwanda francs on a haircut, as my school demanded. Since earning my own money, I am able to afford a lot of things without  bothering my parents. My advice to students is that, it’s  good to learn new skills – whatever that’s may be, because you can earn money and are less dependant on your parents. 

Deverone Byukadusenge
Weaver (White tshirt and black cardigan)

I’m a single mother earning my own money. I don’t  need to depend on anyone anymore. My main concern is that I can’t apply for loans because the market for the products is not high enough. I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay back the loans.

Christina Mukaremera
Berwa Group
Weaver (yellow and blue scarf)

I wish to thank all who promote promote the work we do, because it has improved my way of living. I’m really grateful continuous support.