Brown Temptation

Brown Temptation


Embroidery threads and sisal were used in the making of this pair of earrings. The weaving technique used here is the same as that used in the making our range of  bowls/baskets. These trendy lightweight disc earrings will make you stand out! This style of traditional weaving is passed on from Rwandese  grandmothers to their daughters and grand daughters. Sisal, which is a natural fibre grown locally in Rwanda is the material used to create the base. The female weavers then use different colour threads to create a range of different style.   Once a pair is completed, hypoallergenic hooks are added.

Through fair trade, we support female weavers of Rwanda in their fight for economic prosperity.



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Hypoallergenic hooks

 Care Instructions:
Do not submerge in water.


The product will be shipped to you from Newcastle, United Kingdom.

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Dimensions 4 cm


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