Autumn Feeling

Autumn Feeling


These hand rolled beads are made from long triangular cut strips of recycled paper. These beads are then dyed and painted in an array of beautiful colours, before being varnished to give them finished glow. Each bead or piece of jewelry made from paper beads is unique due to the hand rolling technique of the Rwandan woman who made it. This learned skill has given women and girls in Rwanda hope for a brighter future as they can now earn an income from it which not only empowers them but their children, family at large and community.

Through moving her forward, we aim to continue valuing women’s empowerment and gender equality thus creating ways to economically empower women and girls of Rwanda who rely on jewelry making as a financial lifeline.

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Each bead, which looks and feels like wood but actually made from recycled paper is unique since it's been hand rolled.  This means each strand or combination and arrangement may also slightly vary.


The product will be shipped to you from Newcastle, United Kingdom.

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Dimensions 24 cm

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Gorgeous piece!

Beautiful colours and well made.

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