Rwankuba Sector

Bisesero memorial

Situated about 30 km from the lake side town of kibuye, on a hill with breath taking views of the lake, stands the Bisesero genocide memorial, which was once a community church. This memorial site serves as a reminder of more than 11000 Tutsis who assembled here to protect them selves from the massacre. Many managed to fight back and survive for a while, while others escaped. This hill, has been renamed, the ‘hill of resistance’ in memory of the Tutsis. There are nine buildings on the site, each of which represents one of the communes that formerly made up the province kibuye.

L’Esperance Orphanage/ Children village Kigarama

Children village Kigarama, an orphanage runs by the German NGO, L’Esperance Children’s Aid International. Opened in 1995, the orphanage accommodates the basic needs of the children including food, clothing, shelter and education.