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Founder, Salha Kaitesi
EmPowering women and girlS of rwanda

Beauty of Rwanda is a small social enterprise founded by Salha Kaitesi, on the principle of economic empowerment to women and girls of Rwanda.

Beauty of Rwanda’s main objective is to empower rural and urban Rwandese women and girls, and evolve alternative strategies of education that will enable them to participate as equal citizens in the political, economical and social sustainable development of themselves, their families and their communities. Why choose the name “Beauty Of Rwanda”? The name has nothing to do with the physical beauty that women and girls of Rwanda possess, but the inner beauty of strength, resilience and hard work.

Through Beauty of Rwanda, Salha is committed to making a difference in the lives of this marginalised group. At Beauty of Rwanda, we pride ourselves on our adherence to the principle of economic empowerment and support the world fight for gender equality and reduction of poverty. It is our belief that women have the right to opportunity and to earn their own income. It is also their basic human right to work freely as part of their country’s economy, and we have made it our mission to help these women and girls formulate a self-sufficient enterprise to which they can earn a fair wage to live the happy lives that they deserve. On every indicator, life is significantly harder for girls and women in the poorest countries compared with those living in other countries, but this doesn’t mean we completed ignore that the other half of the gender needs empowering too.

  • Poverty Reduction (SDG1, SDG2)
  • Female Empowerment (SDG5, SDG8, SDG10)
  • Sustainable Income (SDG8, SDG11)
  • Fair trade and ethically-sourced products (SDG8, SDG10, SDG11, SDG12)
  • Environmental Awareness (SDG12, SDG13)
  • Education through leaning of new skills (SDG4)

Moving Her Forward


Through #MovingHerForward, Beauty of Rwanda aims to bring you one of a kind, handcrafted accessories & home décor pieces made in Rwanda. Each of the products are ethically sourced in Rwanda, are of high quality and environmentally friendly. All products will be bought from women-led cooperatives based in the capital city Kigali, and other parts of Rwanda. We value female empowerment and gender equality for all women and girls in Rwanda, thus doing our bit in providing them with a path to gaining a sustainable income.  We believe women and girls hold the key to rebuilding Rwanda. In particularly, following the devastating 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. The demographics, social and economic effects of the 1994 atrocity rippled through the nation and still has an impact in the present day. It’s been reported that households affected by HIV/AIDS are constantly at risk of falling into poverty, and close to 18% of rural dwellers live in conditions of extreme poverty. Having said that, it is well known that post-conflict Rwanda politically is gender and women positive, with around 64% of parliaments members being female. This is a step in the right direction, as it acknowledges the power of women in determining a societies progression and development.

Yet, for rural and urban Rwandan women and girls still suffering from the psychological effects of the 1994 genocide as well as all round negative cultural attitudes towards women; the fight continues for this level of gender equality already seen in the political sphere. According to the UN, programs and organisations like ours must focus on women economic empowerment to provide support, training and choice in order to transform the Rwandan landscape into one of social and economic exclusivity. With economic and social freedom, with the chance of independence and sustainability, the women’s experience of the genocide may be tackled as they no longer shall live in the shadows of it, but curve a life for themselves.

…The inequalities experienced by women and girls around the world needs to be put to an end, we should be working towards improving the world for both men and women, and not on leaving one half behind.

Awards & Milestones

*Beauty of Rwanda is established as a company, registered in England and Wales.

*Beauty of Rwanda logo is unveiled, and website goes live.

*First ever interview/article on Beauty of Rwanda is published by Rwanda’s main newspaper, The New Times.

*Salha Kaitesi, Beauty of Rwanda’s founder is announced as one of the 20 Inspirational Women of African Diaspora in Europe (ADIPWE).

*Salha wins the first African Diaspora at Work Awards (ADA).

*Salha and Beauty of Rwanda are featured in AfroElle Magazine’s “Top 35 under 35” game changers, top influencers and emerging leaders.

*For her work with Beauty of Rwanda, Salha Kaitesi is nominated in 3 categories for the Women4Africa Awards.

*Salha is listed among ‘100 Women Who Inspire Us In The World Today’ by OloriSupergal, a Nigerian based news and lifestyle website.

*Salha receives a Women4Africa Recognition Award for her efforts on empowering women in Rwanda.

*2016 saw Salha Kaitesi go on to win the Inspirational Woman award at the Community Giants awards ceremony held at the Hilton hotel in Glasgow, Scotland.

*Again, in recognition for her work with Beauty of Rwanda, Salha becomes the Runner up Outstanding Entrepreneur Pride of Newcastle University Awards and Winner Newcastle University Rise Up Start Up Single Founder Award.

We pride ourselves on our adherence to the principle of economic empowerment and support the world fight for the reduction of poverty.

We value female empowerment and gender equality for all women and girls in Rwanda, thus doing our bit in providing them with a path to gaining a sustainable income.


Our products are of high quality, environmentally friendly and are ethically sourced in Rwanda.

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