Rwanda Bowls

Rwanda Bowl

The exquisite hand-woven Rwanda bowls are made by women of Rwanda, using a weaving technique that is passed on from one generation to another. The women of Rwanda have been weaving baskets for hundreds of years, where they have gifted them to show a sisterhood, as decorations at weddings or to hold food. The handcrafted bowls can hold fruit and other foods, they are beautiful to hang on the wall hanging as they come with a loop on the back, or as a centre piece on a table or window.  The handwoven bowls can be found everywhere in Rwanda, and are part of our life and culture.

The Rwanda bowls are famous for their beautiful variety of colours, and each one takes at least a week to complete for the smallest baskets and up to a month depending on the intricate designs for the larger baskets.  These truly are exquisite pieces of art.  Each one is unique in its own right.  Each one is handcrafted, dyed sisal coil over bundled sweetgrass.

Care Instructions:

Make sure you keep these bowls away from direct sunlight. And under no circumstances you submerge or wash with water. When necessary, use a damp cloth to wipe the bowl basket.


How Can you Help?

Most recently, bowls and basket weaving has become a source of income for many women and girls facing poverty. This has also allowed women to come together, reconcile and forge a new path to peace, specifically following the devastating 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi. When you purchase any of our bowls here, you can be assured that the local artisan received a fair wage for producing the products.  Here at Beauty of Rwanda, our mission is to support these women and girls in Rwanda escape poverty by becoming economically empowered. Our project offers hope to many women and girls, who are a marginalised group.

The women of Rwanda have been weaving baskets for hundreds of years.


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