3 Ways YOU Can Get Involved in Tackling Poverty



There are many ways to get involved in creating positive social and economical change.  However, you might not have the spare time or may even be confused in how best to invest your time into a worth while cause. Well, we have a solution for you. If you care about female empowerment, gender equality and tackling poverty, here are three small ways YOU can get involved to help create a BIG impact to the lives of those in need.



At Beauty of Rwanda we are committed in making a difference to the lives of rural Rwandan women. We pride ourselves on our adherence to the principle of economic empowerment and support the world fight for gender equality. It is our belief that women have the right to opportunity and to earn their own income. It is their basic human right to work freely as part of their countries economy and we have made it our mission to help these women formulate a self-sufficient enterprise to which they can earn a fair wage to live the happy life that they deserve. If you think female empowerment is important, join us in the conversation! Visit our website to read and share our goals  as well as follow our blog to learn further about our organisation, its impact and our values.


Whilst it may seem trivial, social media has a HUGE role and impact in creating conversation and promoting the cause and enterprise of these rural Rwandan women. One like, share, retweet or comment acts as a falling domino, sparking others to act. It creates conversation, promotes the education of important issues such as that of gender equality and gets people to notice the significance of rural Rwandan women and how in supporting their enterprises, real social and economic change can take place.  Therefore, when you like what you see, share it! Sharing content on Facebook and Twitter is a great way to spread the word and help others along in their journey to get involved.


With the purchase of #OneBasket, not only do you get a unique product that has been ethically made, you also get to transform the lives of rural Rwandan women. This transformation is long lasting with permanent results as with your support the enterprise of these women will continue, creating a sustainable revenue for which they can live off. This in turn empowers these women and uplifts the significance of gender equality in Rwandan society. One Basket has the power to change the lives of the people in these communities but they also have the power to create real social and economic change within Rwanda itself. For when women are empowered, all of society benefits. 



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