Working Together

Beauty of Rwanda believes that there is added value in a partnership. We believe that individuals and organisations are strongest when they act in partnership with others. We seek collaborators of all kinds to help us leverage our impact in the world, enrich the women and girls we support, in order  to improve their communities in Rwanda. By partnering with us, you will have exclusive support from Beauty of Rwanda. One of the ways we will show our support is by sharing ‘your partnership’ to our global audience via all our social media sites.

Here are some ways we are game to partner:

1. Host a ‘Moving Her Forward’ Event (Spread the word on our work and the importance of gender equality. Selling of our products goes well with this type of event).
2. Raise funds for our organisation by holding bake sales, marathons, eat for a good cause, give it up campaigns etc.
3. You might have a different idea.
Do you think you can support us by becoming a partner? Email us if you think you can on