Welcome to Beauty of Rwanda.

Beauty of Rwanda is a jewellery and home décor company founded on the principle of economic empowerment to women of Rwanda. Today in Rwanda, genocide widows are weaving baskets alongside the wives of war criminals, forging their own path to reconciliation.

The vision of the company is to sell one of a kind, handcrafted products made by women survivors of the 1994 genocide. Some of the weavers are HIV positive and through selling their handmade crafts, they are able to buy medicine, food and care for their children.

"The baskets, with their unique form only made in Rwanda, have served many functions in Rwandese history including holding food, celebrating weddings and carrying secrets from one woman to another."

The sale of beautiful, handmade goods plays an important role in Rwanda's transition.

You can learn more about some of our weavers here.

Empowering Women in Rwanda #OneBasket at a Time


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